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Get It Made has partnered with the best factories to get you the best part price available. We CNC components anywhere in the range of 1-1000. These parts can be machined in a wide variety of materials and finishes such as aluminium, steel, plastic, powder coating and anodizing. Our Factories offer (but not limited to) CNC Milled, Turned, Surface Grinding, Wire Erosion and EDM Spark Erosion. All of our parts are quality assured by our manufacturing partners whom are certified to ISO9001.

Get It Made provide bespoke industrial manufacturing solutions by using our exclusive network of Supply Chain Partners. Our partners are based in the UK, Eastern Europe and East Asia; giving Get It Made access to a huge range of manufacturing abilities, knowledge and skill, all of which you will directly benefit from. We manage the entire process, from advice to invoice. Get It Made’s mission is to remove friction and make manufacturing easy.
— Luke (Director)
Get It Made has built close relationships with high-tech, good-value, hard to find factories. Our Supply Chain Partners skills are currently focused on Precision CNC Machining. This includes CNC Milling, CNC Turning, Surface Grinding, Wire Erosion and EDM Spark Erosion. Get It Made manage orders for parts in the range of 1 – 10,000 units. These parts can be machined in a wide variety of metals and grades such as Aluminium Al6061, Stainless Steel 316 and Titanium TA2; Plastics like ABS, PC, PMMA, POM, PA, PP, PEEK, PTFE. We also provide a wide range of finishing options for example, Anodising, Chroming and Powder Coating.