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Quote Checklist


QUote CheckList. Have you:

  • Exported 3D CAD files as either STEP, IGS or PARASOLID?
  • Clearly shown tapped holes and tolerances on PDF?
  • Communicated quantities?
  • Specified materials?
  • Identified the finish if important?

CAD File.png

3D CAD File types

The most common problem is sending unsuitable or CAD files.
The only 3D file types we recommend are STEP (.STP), IGES (.IGS), or PARASOLID (.X_T). 

Unsuitable 3D programs are, Autodesk 3DS, 123D Make and Sketchup
Unsuitable 3D files are STL, OBJ and 3D PDF. Please don't send program specific file types, only use open file types like STEP.

STL CAD files are also not appropriate for anything other than 3D printing. STL files are made of polygons and are not considered pure geometry. STL stands for STereoLithography (a 3D printing process).


2D Drawings

2D drawings is still an important part of manufacturing. They are great at communicating important aspects that need to be checked after production. They are crucial for showing which holes are tapped and to what specification. 
Send 2D drawings as separate PDFs.

Key things to have on 2D drawings are: Tapped hole specification, important tolerances, material specification and part name.

There is no need to detail every dimension, we can get this from the 3D CAD files, 2D drawings are supplementary .

PDF File.png

Bad file naming.png

File Naming and Revisions

Clear, easy to understand naming of parts is highly important because it reduces the chance of mistakes, especially once revisions come into play. We would never suggest naming files like a description.

BAD: Bracket For Underside of Body 2017 Version 2
GOOD: YCN-PRN-001-00
This style of naming derives from an ISO standard, and can be broken down like this:
YCM = Your Company Name
PRN = Project Name, 
001 = Part number, 001, 002, 003...
00 = Revision Number, 00, 01, 02...

How to communicate your needs

Send the quote request through the 24 Hour Quote Request Form.
If you have any questions, it best to get these clarified before sending a quote request. To communicate quantity, materials and finishes it is easiest to do it like this:

3x GIM-PRO-001-00 - Stainless Steel 316 - As machined
5x GIM-PRO-002-01 - Al6061 - Sand Blast and Anodised Clear

If you have many parts, it might be easier to create a spreadsheet to communicate this and upload it when sending the RFQ.