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We can provide Quality Assurance with the use of ISO certified partners and digital measuring techniques.



Our biggest challenge is being able to provide parts that are correct first time, everytime.
It is a problem that many companies struggle to fulfil, we however, are confident in our ability to achieve consistent quality that is right first time and every time.

We can achieve this through our strict vetting and previous experience of our Key Manufacturing Partners (KMP) quality procedures.

Above all, our KMP's have been tried and tested for many years, we are confident in their quality and levels of service. It is a relationship that is strong and built of years of consistency.

Our partners are certified to different standards, If you need confirmation of this and to check the exact certifications for the factory producing your parts, just ask.

The quality standards allow us to work in a wide variety of markets segments including Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Green Technology, Furniture and Homewares.