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Get It Made has partnered with a select few high-tech, good-value, hard to find factories. We created a concept that allowed us to pool our clients small batch parts into a few large orders; brining volume to our factories and a volume discount to you.

If you need CNC Milled / Turned components from any metal or plastic; such as Aluminium, Steel, ABS, PP or any exact specification we can help.

We have a unique online quoting system that sends out your Request For Quote (RFQ) to multiple relevant factories. We then package up the best value solution to your quality parts, getting you a quote within 24 Hours.


Parts can be sent anywhere around the globe fast. Let us know where and when, and we will get it there.



Helping you Get It Made to the quality, price and speed you need, is only one side of our multi faceted service. Once parts are manufactured, the parts need to make their way to you. For this we use a variety of logistic networks with global infrastructure.

Some of our capabilities are:

  • Buffer stock, held locally in your market to offer a 2-3 day delivery.
  • JIT (Just In Time) delivery for lean production.
  • KANBAN methods for regular deliveries.
  • Global order tracking system.