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Get It Made has partnered with a select few high-tech, good-value, hard to find factories. We created a concept that allowed us to pool our clients small batch parts into a few large orders; brining volume to our factories and a volume discount to you.

If you need CNC Milled / Turned components from any metal or plastic; such as Aluminium, Steel, ABS, PP or any exact specification we can help.

We have a unique online quoting system that sends out your Request For Quote (RFQ) to multiple relevant factories. We then package up the best value solution to your quality parts, getting you a quote within 24 Hours.

How It Works

We use our Supply Chain Partners to subcontract all manufacturing, giving immediate access to the best technology and agility in reacting to your unique requirements.

Get It Made and You


Get It Made provide bespoke industrial manufacturing solutions by using our exclusive network of Supply Chain Partners. Our partners are based in the UK, Eastern Europe and East Asia; giving Get It Made access to a huge range of manufacturing abilities, knowledge and skill, all of which you will directly benefit from.
We manage the entire process, from advice to invoice. Get It Made’s mission is to remove friction and make manufacturing easy.

This structure allows us to offer complete operational flexibility and capability, giving immediate access to the best technology and agility in reacting to requirements. Get It Made is your very own dynamic Purchasing Manager who reduces risk, lowers costs and accelerates developmentGiving you the time to focus on what you do best; making, designing and engineering the world’s best products and services. 
When you have ideas, designs and innovation; we want to help you Get It Made.

How will GET IT MADE benefit You?

Advice and feedback:

We provide engineering and design advice to check manufacturing efficiency before obtaining quotations. Beyond saving time it also saves cost, assuring you the knowledge that parts are not unnecessarily costly.

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Intimate knowledge of our Supply Chain Partners allows us to know which manufacturer is best suited for your project. We continuously research and benchmark to find the next great addition to our supply chain.


The great relationships we have with our supply chain partners enables us to receive quick feedback, advice and lead times. We make sure communication for everyone is lightning fast.


We aim to provide you with clear, simple to understand proposals within 24 hours. We have an online system where you can keep track of quotes, invoices, provide feedback and pay for goods.

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The pooling of client orders means we access the best pricing available. Your parts will include cost savings by being part of a larger order book. We are happy to be used as a price check.


We developed Get It Made after years of experience in Industrial Design; so we understand quality from a design perspective. From an engineering point-of-view, some of our Supply Chain Partners are ISO9001 or AS9100 accredited. We have extensive experience in manufacturing and can provide advice about potential quality hurdles; so adjustments can be made before manufacture.

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Get It Made require our Supply Chain Partners to have a lean order book. We don't want projects stuck in a queue, waiting to be made. We provide quicker than normal lead times within the industry.

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To enable goods to travel across borders with the ease requires complex reporting to government authorities for tax and clearance. We manage the entire process allowing your parts to travel from a Far Eastern factory floor to your door within 3 days. To facilitate goods to be shipped direct from our Supply Chain Partners to you, we created a company called Get It Delivered which is based in Hong Kong.


For UK clients, where it makes sense to work with a Supply Chain Partner outside of the EU, Get It Made manages all Import Tax and VAT. The figure stated on quotes and invoices is final, there will be no unexpected costs.


Get It Made are aware that pricing needs to be consistent and stable. To enable this, we hedge the currency markets to reduce pricing volatility in relation to economic conditions. We also work with currency traders to buy and sell currency at the correct time, to further reduce costs and increase the stability of  pricing.