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CNC Turning Aluminium

We have access to many High Speed CNC Lathes. Part accuracy and value for money is always high.



Our Supply Chain Partners high speed CNC turning lathes enable quick and efficient turning of Aluminium (in fact many kinds of metal and plastic) to very high standards. The precision CNC turning process allows for complex external geometries and internal bores to be produced. Our precision turning capacity is flexible enough to produce one-off through the batches of a 1000.

Once the machines have been programmed and cycle times have been finely tuned, they can produce precision CNC turned parts from aluminium, steel and nylon ect, repeatedly and accurately. Frequently, or more often than not, turned parts will need a range of finishes or modifications all of which we can provide.

We send your quotation request to the best factory in order to find you the most competitive CNC Turned part for price and quality. Send us a quote request now to leverage our expertise in finding you the best factory for the job. We will get you a quotation within 24 Hours.